aluminum dome roofs

Aluminum Geodesic Dome Roofs

Center Enamel is the leading aluminum geodesic dome roofs manufacturer in China, specializing in the design, manufacturing, supply, and installing aluminum dome roofs for customers around the world. We have more than 30 years experience in the storage industry, therefore we are the experts in servicing your requirements in this area.

Our aluminum geodesic dome roofs are a self-supporting cover, which is fabricated from high-strength aluminum alloys.Our aluminum dome roofs are fully compliant with AWWA D108, API 650, ADM2015, ASCE7-10, IBC 2012 standards. The clear-span, all-aluminum, lightweight, corrosion-resistant structure of the aluminum dome roof results in a cost-effective solution that provides superior protection of your stored product.

Batten Bar Design

Our aluminum geodesic dome roofs beam are designed for maximum beam strength and the silicone gaskets will not deteriorate under ultra-violet light or elevated temperatures. The unique batten bar design of an aluminum dome is a real asset, which is not only the foundation of the leak-free dome structure, but also increases the structural strength of the dome roof.

Node Design

Note detail utilizes proprietary extrusion design.Spun aluminum gusset cover provides precision seal.

Aluminum Geodesic Dome Roofss Advantages

  • Self-supporting Structure
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Strongest Space Frame Design
  • Clear Span Design
  • Optimum Cost Efficiency
  • Quick Field Installation
  • Superior Aesthetics


The aluminum geodesic dome roofs is the most perfect covering solution for water supply and wastewater treatment facilities. These free-span, lightweight, non-rusting lids will eliminate emissions and foul odors, and They will also contribute to sustaining a controlled process environment. The lightweight and economical covering solution is an ideal choice for covering steel with external floating roofs, Center Enamel offers a full solution from engineering to supply and installation, which is the only way to truly get all the benefits domes have to offer.


Center Enamel offers design, manufacture, and installation of aluminum geodesic dome roofs for the petroleum industry. Aluminum dome roofs are installed on refineries and tank farms, where the storage tank and the structural components of the products are protected from environmental influences. The aluminum roof is in need of low maintenance during the entire period of operation, and used in aluminum alloys have proven to be resistant to the environment, to the products of oil refining and petrochemistry, and therefore do not require a protective coating.

Bulk Storage

Center Enamel aluminum geodesic dome roofs are the ideal solution for dry bulk storage in challenging environments. The dome provides an ideal span rise ratio for any gap requirement configuration in standard and custom designs. The free-span structure has no columns, no trusses or internal supports, and transfer of equipment or storage materials. Our dome structure is strong enough to support the load of suspended centralized equipment and can withstand even and severe weather.

Architectural Structures

The aluminum geodesic dome roof is a unique triangular space truss, which is specially used in large coverage areas, such as churches, sports fields, and exhibition centers. The aluminum dome is beautiful, efficient, and durable. The aluminum monolithic structural frame is permanent and lightweight. All aluminum domes will be designed to deal with local circumstances and to comply with local engineering codes and building regulations.