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Aluminum Dome Roof

The eye-catching aesthetic view of the aluminum dome roof has become the dominant landscape in many fields of industry and architecture. The lightweight and robust structure is suitable for covering storage tanks, bulk storage facilities, and can be used to create impressive architectural solutions.

Aluminum Dome Roof

For storage tanks

Lightweight and economical covering solutions are very suitable for covering steel outer floating roofs, as covering for new tanks, or even to replace more traditional steel roofs on storage tanks. We provide a complete solution from engineering to supply and installation, which is the only way to truly get all the benefits that a dome must provide.

Wastewater plants and wastewater treatment

For covering many other important parts of purifiers, trickling filters, pools and sewage treatment plants, the aluminum dome structure is the best covering solution. These free-span, lightweight, and maintenance-free lids will eliminate emissions and foul odors. They will also help maintain a controlled process environment. Center Enamel provides complete solutions of aluminum dome roofs for global customers.