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Glass-lined Steel Tanks

Large-capacity storage tanks are essential to many projects, including industrial wastewater treatment projects, municipal water supply projects, municipal sewage projects, biogas projects, and fire-fighting water projects. All storage tanks must be waterproof, easy to maintain and repair. Traditionally, large-scale storage tanks use carbon steel welded tanks and concrete storage tanks. Both carbon steel welded tanks and concrete storage tanks have serious shortcomings. Carbon steel welded storage tanks are manually welded on site, which is difficult to ensure the quality of the storage tank after installation, and need to check thoroughly to ensure that the storage tank does not leak. Concrete storage tanks require a lot of installation time and need to be waterproofed. The third option is a glass-lined steel tank, which uses enameled steel plates and is bolted on-site. The glass-lined steel tank has the strength of steel, is quick to install, and is easy to maintain and repair. Compared with concrete storage tanks or carbon steel welded tanks, Glass Lined Steel Tanks have obvious advantages.

Advantages of Glass-lined Steel Tanks

Glass-lined Steel Tanks Advantages


Compared with on-site welding or concrete storage tanks, GLS tanks are manufactured with steel plates in the factory in advance. Since the metal processing and finishing work is done in the manufacturing plant, there is less pollution and waste involved in the finishing process. Carbon steel welded tanks are constructed on-site and usually need to be coated. If sprayed improperly, it will cause adverse effects on the environment. Concrete storage tanks need to be installed and waterproofed on site. Both carbon steel welded tanks and concrete storage tanks are prone to delays in construction due to severe weather such as rain and wind. No on-site processing is required, and the glass-lined steel tank is more convenient and environmentally friendly.

Quick Assembly

Carbon steel welded tanks must be welded and inspected on-site, and concrete storage tanks must be poured on-site. Both require several days of installation time, including a lot of labor and related costs. If bad weather happens to happen, the installation process may be delayed or postponed. Since the glass-lined steel tank is manufactured in the factory and transported to the project site to be assembled, it can be installed in any weather, and the installation speed is fast.

Installation Flexibility

Glass-lined steel tanks allow installation flexibility over steel or concrete tanks. The volume of glass-lined steel tanks ranges from 20m³ to more than 20000m³, and they can be customized according to the allocated installation space. For narrow areas, the tank can be built higher, and in wider areas, the width can be increased. When the volume of the tank needs to be expanded in the future, the glass-lined steel tank can be expanded at a lower investment cost. The concrete storage tank or carbon steel welded tank requires a lot of time, materials, and labor cost to complete the expansion of the existing storage tank.

Easy to Maintain and Repair

Concrete storage tanks and carbon steel welded tanks require regular maintenance. They are also difficult to repair, requiring a lot of labor and special tools to refurbish steel tanks, which may result in high material and labor costs. Glass-lined steel tanks require minimal maintenance and have a longer life than welded steel or concrete tanks. If gaskets leak, panel corrosion, or accessories, the damaged parts can be easily repaired or replaced.

Easy to Transport

Because glass-lined steel tanks are individual parts during transportation, they are more easy transportation than most of the transportation of welded storage tanks, reducing transportation costs. Compared with the materials required for concrete storage tanks, the transportation cost of glass-lined to steel tanks is also much lower, because glass-lined steel tanks are relatively light compared with concrete. Glass-lined steel tanks are a cost-effective, durable, and low-maintenance alternative to welded steel and concrete tanks, Compared with welded tanks, glass-lined steel tanks are more standardized than welded tanks, and the product quality is guaranteed, and because the glass-lined steel tanks use high-standard firing procedures, high-quality glaze layers, and strict quality inspection procedures.

As the leading glass-lined steel tank manufacturer in China, our glass-lined steel tank is assembled and installed in a special way, and the glass-lined steel tank is made of standard modules. Therefore, expansion can be realized, project dismantling and dismantling can be realized, transportation is convenient, and investment in secondary projects can be saved. The glass-lined steel tank can be combined with various wastewater processes to form a digestion reactor, thereby increasing the added value of the glass-lined steel tank. It looks better and can improve the image of the project. It can also be repositioned, expanded, and recycled

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