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Zhengding County Magistrate Wang Liyong visited Zhengzhong Technology

On August 29, Wang Liyong, the mayor of Zhengding County, and his entourage visited Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. for a visit and investigation. Accompanied by the company’s chairman Ding Wenzhan and the management, the county magistrate Wang learned about the company’s development on the spot. The company’s chairman also introduced in detail the development history, main business, core technology, scientific research strength, corporate performance, and market prospects of Zhengzhong Technology.

Zhengding County Magistrate Wang Liyong visited Zhengzhong Technology

Afterward, County Mayor Wang emphasized the speech of Secretary Wang during in-depth exchanges with enterprises, “The high-quality development of the county economy cannot be separated from enterprises. The party and the government must put the promotion of rapid development of enterprises in a prominent position, and truly treat enterprises and entrepreneurs as enterprises. Relatives, to effectively solve the difficulties encountered by enterprises in the development of production, so that enterprises and entrepreneurs can feel the warmth of the government and enterprises."

County Mayor Wang also proposed that all departments at all levels should take the opportunity of launching the activities of "contracting enterprises, verifying the facts, solving problems, and sending warmth" to vigorously promote "mother-style" services, optimize the government affairs environment, create a trustworthy environment, and create a strong respect for business. Pro-business atmosphere, intensify assistance, help companies solve practical problems, promote rapid development of enterprises, and become bigger and stronger.


County Mayor Wang gave full recognition to Zhengzhong Technology's insistence on quality priority, technology-based enterprise development, complete sets of environmental protection equipment with core technology, and good market development prospects. After learning about the difficulties and problems in the development, Zhengzhong Technology carried out coordination and guidance work, and encouraged our company to strengthen confidence, seize development opportunities, make good use of various innovative resources and policy advantages, overcome difficulties, and achieve new heights in the company. leap.

In recent years, Zhengzhong Technology has actively responded to policies and continued to increase investment in scientific research. Through independent innovation, it has successively achieved breakthroughs in sewage treatment technology and equipment intelligent manufacturing technology, and has won "high-tech enterprises" and "national specialization, special new giants". With many honors, it has become a well-known comprehensive treatment service provider of organic waste in the environmental protection industry. At the same time, the company continues to improve its market influence and brand building, enhance its market competitiveness, and better provide strong support for market development and new product research and development.

Genzon Technology focuses on high-quality development, attaches importance to safe production, adheres to the red line of safe production, implements related responsibilities, strengthens safety awareness, carries out hidden danger investigation, establishes a strict quality management system, occupational health and safety management system, and environmental management system, and has passed the NSF A number of international certifications such as certification and BSCI certification have effectively guaranteed the quality of environmental protection equipment.