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Center Enamel Supplies Storage Tanks for Malaysia's Dairy Plant Wastewater Project

In recent years, Center Enamel Co., Ltd. has actively responded to the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, has carried out extensive cooperation with countries and regions along the route, which achieved impressive results. A few days ago, Center Enamel offers the Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks for a dairy plant wastewater treatment project in Malaysia, which shows that the company's Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank has been recognized by international customers.

This wastewater treatment project is located in Malaysia. In view of the differences in the local construction environment, engineering construction process, specifications, and standards from China, and the dairy wastewater contain a large amount of soluble organic matter, it does not contain toxic and hazardous substances and large particulate suspended matter. It is medium-to-high concentration wastewater. The quality requirements for GFS tanks are very high.

Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks for Dairy Plant Wastewater Project

Regarding the types of wastewater, project construction environment, and local epidemic prevention and control requirements, Center Enamel makes full use of its own storage tank construction experience to provide customers with customized storage tank solutions, laying the foundation for the smooth construction of the project. In the end, the Center Enamel team guaranteed the construction of a storage tank with its rich construction experience and strict construction specifications, which was highly praised by customers.

This wastewater treatment project is the result of Center Enamel's steady progress on the road to actively explore the international market. With the help of an international high-standard technical team, the company provides support and guarantee for wastewater treatment projects along the "Belt and Road" with high-quality GFS tank quality and comprehensive services, and earnestly assumes the mission and responsibility of becoming a bolted tanks manufacturer in China.