Quality Control

Quality Control is of immense importance and contributes directly to a Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks manufacturer's reputation and development. Therefore, we're making consistent efforts on enhancing our quality control management throughout whole production processes from raw materials purchasing to finished products inspection, to assure that all Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks delivered by Center Enamel meet the international quality requirements.

Inspection & Analysis Of Incoming Raw Materials

Impact Test

1500V Holiday Test

Fish Scale Test

Batch-by-batch sampling plan for retrieval, make sure the actual operation conforms to the standards as all incoming materials need to be inspected for quality.

Use the hydraulic machine (pressing up to 15MPa)to test the fusion performance of enameled panel, make sure to offer increased longevity, ability to withstand higher mechanical stress and provide a safe solution to challenging storage applications.

Center Enamel conducts 1500V holiday test on double sides of all produced sheets, to make sure all delivered sheets are in best quality condition with zero discontinuity.

Put one standard enameled panel into the oven and fire at 400 ℃ for one hour, if no fish scale problem happens then it means the whole batch fabrication quality result is satisfied.

Tank Color Consistency

To make sure different thickness sheets from different batches can have same color shade, not only color pigments but also enameled sheets need to be tested separately by a colorimeter.

Coating Thickness

Use the coating thickness gauges to test the enameling coating thickness, make sure Center Enamel's Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks enameling coating thickness is in the standard range.

Acid & Alkali Resistance Test

Use 10g of solid citric acid or solid sodium carbonate to diluted with 100ml distilled water (10% citric acid / 10% sodium carbonate solution) to test the acid and alkali resistance of the enameled panel.