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Center Enamel Provides Biogas Tank Solution for Biogas Project in France

With the increasing influence of the brand, Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. has gradually accelerated its pace in opening up overseas markets. Recently, Center Enamel's biogas tank entered the French market for the first time, providing biogas tanks for the French biogas project. This cooperation project is an important achievement of Center Enamel's steady implementation of its international market strategy, and it also marks the company's international development to a new level.

Biogas Project

As a well-known bolted steel tanks manufacturer in the industry, Center Enamel has rich experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of biogas tanks in the biogas field, laying the foundation for opening the French market this time and winning the favor of customers. In this French biogas project, Center Enamel provided customers with customized storage tanks, promoted the project construction in an orderly manner, and was highly recognized by customers.

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In recent years, Center Enamel keeps up with the globalization of storage tanks, actively integrates with the international storage tank industry standards, and has obtained a number of international certifications. At the same time, it continues to innovate in technology and independently develops high-quality storage tanks that meet the needs of the market and customers. , Which further improved the project quality and construction efficiency. With its brand advantage and technical strength, Center Enamel has occupied a certain market share in the international biogas field, and its projects have spread across the United States, Russia, Australia, Panama, and many other countries. In the future, Center Enamel will continue to rely on its international market development strategy, combined with its own advantages in bolted steel tanks, and actively expand the overseas business to provide global customers with better biogas tank solutions.