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Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment

Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment

In recent years, with China's emphasis on environmental protection and the implementation of environmental protection policies, the requirements for wastewater treatment in pharmaceutical plants have become stricter. It is understood that although the wastewater of pharmaceutical plants varies in terms of products, raw materials, and process methods, in general, pharmaceutical wastewater has the characteristics of complex composition, high concentration of pollutants, and many difficult biodegradable substances.

Pharmaceutical wastewater that does not meet the standards will cause great harm to humans and the environment, so an effective pharmaceutical wastewater treatment solution needs to be developed. Through the scientific and effective pharmaceutical wastewater treatment process, the efficiency and quality of wastewater treatment in pharmaceutical plants will be improved, and the pharmaceutical production wastewater will be treated to meet the standard discharge. At the same time, through comprehensive industrial wastewater treatment technology, it helps pharmaceutical companies reduce the investment in wastewater treatment projects and reduce the difficulty of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment.

In response to the status quo of wastewater treatment in pharmaceutical plants, Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. has integrated the top experts in the industry to create a research and development technical team led by state-level technical experts. At present, it has the world's leading level of sewage treatment technology and professional sewage treatment equipment. Provide a series of technical guidance, installation and commissioning for the pharmaceutical factory, and strive to solve the urgent needs of the pharmaceutical factory.

In terms of technology, our technology team has comprehensively considered the current status of wastewater treatment in the domestic pharmaceutical industry, conducted in-depth research on the application of wastewater treatment technology, and combined with relevant engineering cases to develop a process that meets the wastewater treatment of pharmaceutical plants. In the application process, the team will select the appropriate treatment solution to ensure the stable operation of the pharmaceutical wastewater treatment process in combination with the actual production situation. And while improving the efficiency and quality of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment, it saves the cost of wastewater treatment for the pharmaceutical factory.

On the equipment, in order to better store and process pharmaceutical wastewater, our company uses the Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank independently developed and produced as a pharmaceutical wastewater treatment equipment. Glass-Fused-to-Steel bolted tanks have the advantages of the short construction period, low cost, excellent corrosion resistance, convenient installation, and exquisite appearance. They are suitable for different fields such as biogas project, aquaculture wastewater treatment, landfill leachate treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, and municipal sewage treatment. It has been recognized in 60 countries and regions.

After years of development and innovation, Center Enamel has become the leader in the Asian Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks industry. In the future, we will always adhere to the core concept of “Quality, Innovation, Honesty” and continue to explore and develop more efficient, low-energy, green and environmentally-friendly wastewater treatment solution to solve the wastewater treatment problems for more customers and make a due contribution to global environmental protection.