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2021 China Dairy Industry Exhibition, Center Enamel Showcases One-stop Wastewater Storage Tanks Solution for Farm

On July 17-19, 2021, the 12th China Dairy Industry Conference and 2021 China Dairy Industry Exhibition will be held in Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the scene is unprecedented. At the invitation of the organizer, Center Enamel Technology Co., Ltd. attended as a well-known supplier of storage tank solutions for China's environmental protection engineering in the industry and fully demonstrated the one-stop storage tank solution for farm wastewater to the visitors.

Wastewater Storage Tanks Solution

In this exhibition, a senior engineer at Center Enamel's booth will explain in detail the one-stop storage tank solution for farm wastewater treatment based on the company's previous engineering cases. It has attracted many visitors and professionals to stop to visit and consult and exchange, and has been widely concerned and recognized by the industry.

 Over the years, Center Enamel has actively carried out technological research and innovation based on its own R&D technical advantages, so that the company has the ability to solve sewage storage tanks in different industries, and can provide customers with customized wastewater storage tank solutions. At the same time, it has set up marketing service bases in many places across the country to form a strong service system, which can accurately grasp the needs of ranches in various regions and provide real-time and perfect services. In recent years, the Gansu dairy wastewater treatment project, the Liaoning dairy wastewater treatment project, the Shandong dairy wastewater treatment project, and the Beijing aquaculture wastewater treatment project have been completed successively. They have been unanimously recognized by customers and have an excellent reputation and excellent reputation in the industry. High market share.

Through this exhibition, Center Enamel conducted in-depth face-to-face communication with industry colleagues and customers to promote their understanding of the company's ranch wastewater storage tank solutions. In the future, Center Enamel will continue to explore and develop new technologies for wastewater storage tanks, focus on customer needs, and provide customers with more comprehensive services and better projects.