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The first show in 2023|Zhengzhong Technology made a wonderful appearance at the National Industrial Wastewater Treatment Conference

On February 23-24, the 2023 National Industrial Wastewater Treatment New Technology and R&D Achievement Exchange Conference and Supply-Demand Matching Seminar was grandly held in Hangzhou. The conference attracted authoritative experts in the field of environmental protection, academic experts, business representatives and industry media. one class. Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. made a wonderful appearance at the meeting site, fully displaying the company's self-developed advanced technology and environmental protection equipment to the participants, which received high attention and recognition.

Since the establishment of the company, Zhengzhong Technology has continued to increase technological innovation and accumulation, keep up with the development trend of the industry, and actively explore the R&D and application of new technologies and new equipment. Environmental protection equipment such as enamel assembled tanks developed by Zhengzhong Technology has been used in industrial wastewater, kitchen waste, landfill leachate, municipal sewage, biogas engineering, and breeding industries due to its advantages of low cost, short construction period, convenient installation, and high cost performance. Wide application has been achieved. This is a new trend and new concept of sewage treatment, which can better adapt to the needs of environmental policies and rapid social development.

In this National Industrial Wastewater Treatment Conference, Zhengzhong Technology not only discussed cutting-edge technologies with the participants, but also demonstrated its latest technology exploration direction and equipment solutions in the field of sewage treatment. At the meeting site, the booth of Zhengzhong Technology attracted the attention of many participating customers. Many customers stopped at the booth to further communicate and understand the business and services of Zhengzhong Technology, and discussed the application of Zhengzhong Technology’s environmental protection equipment in the field of sewage treatment and the continuous and stable water discharge effect. Do in-depth exchanges.

Through this meeting, the innovative technology and comprehensive strength of Zhengzhong Technology were not only demonstrated to the participants, but also industry experts and representatives of major enterprises had a deeper understanding of Zhengzhong Technology. The excitement doesn’t stop there. Zhengzhong Technology will continue to appear in more exhibition forums, conduct extensive exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign sewage treatment experts, peers and customers, and use advanced concepts and technologies to develop together and solve sewage problems.