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Center Enamel Won an Important Honor Through Industry-University Collaboration

On May 5th, the awarding ceremony of "Glass Enamel and Glasses" 2019-2020 Excellent Paper Selection Activity was held in Donghua University. This selection activity is intended to promote the technological progress of the industry and commend outstanding articles and authors for their contributions to the industry and journals. After numerous screenings, the article "Development and Application of New Enamel Assembled Tanks" jointly signed by the chairman and general manager of Center Enamel and Professor Jiang Weizhong, a professor-level senior engineer at Donghua University, stood out among many entries and won the second prize.

Development and Application of New Enamel Assembled Tanks

As a comprehensive high-tech enterprise, Center Enamel insists on technological innovation as its core competitiveness, and actively develops Industry-University cooperation with universities around the world to jointly promote the transformation of technological achievements and innovative development of the environmental protection industry. In addition to the environmental protection equipment, the company has also formed innovative water and wastewater technologies for different fields through the Industry-University cooperation. 

second prize

This award is not only another important achievement of Center Enamel's continuous promotion of Industry-University cooperation but also reflects the company's technical strength in the field of innovative research and development. In the future, Center Enamel will continue to conduct deeper Industry-University cooperation in employee training and scientific research, accelerate the transformation of scientific research results, and promote the continuous development of the environmental protection industry.