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Technology-Driven Innovation, Center Enamel’s Important Achievement Was Published in Authoritative Journal

At present, Center Enamel Co., Ltd. has made important progress in the field of technological innovation. The authoritative journal "Glass Enamel & Ophthalmic Optics" published an article co-signed by the chairman and general manager of Center Enamel and Professor of Donghua University senior engineer Jiang Weizhong. This paper introduces the characteristics, performance, advantages, technology, and successful project cases of the Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks independently developed and produced by Center Enamel. The article published in the authoritative journal not only shows the important achievements of Center Enamel in leading the innovation and development of China's storage tank industry but also highlights its strong technical strength and leading position in the industry. It will also stimulate our determination and confidence to adhere to the road of independent innovation development.

Important Achievement Was Published in Authoritative Journal

Center Enamel is a well-known storage tank manufacturer in the industry. Our company has always paid attention to research and innovation, its technical level is leading in storage tanks industry. In addition to continuously expanding and strengthening the Chinese storage tank industry, it also comprehensively promotes and innovates in the storage tank technology field. The company's leader insists on vigorously implementing the innovation-driven development strategy, keeps a close eye on the international cutting-edge development trends of storage tank technology, and leads the team to constantly strengthen research and development strength and overcome technical difficulties. Until 2018, we have provided more than 10000 storage tanks for the aquaculture industry, urban sewage, biogas engineering, industrial wastewater, municipal engineering, and other fields.

No pains, no gains. Since its establishment, Center Enamel has not only created a number of unique patents to fill the technological gaps at home and abroad, but also won honorary titles such as "high-tech enterprise", "Science and Technology small giant Enterprise", "special new enterprise", "science and technology enterprise", and a number of completed storage tank projects were awarded as the industry excellent demonstration projects.

Nowadays, the introduction of many favorable policies has accelerated the development of the environmental protection industry, and also put forward higher requirements for storage tank manufacturers. Looking forward to the future, Center Enamel will give full play to the company's comprehensive advantages in the storage tank industry, constantly improve the ability of independent innovation, increase technical research and development efforts, bring more innovative storage tank solutions suitable for the development of environmental protection market, and make a contribution to the development of the storage tank industry in China and the world.