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Center Enamel Successfully Delivered Hebei Dairy Wastewater Treatment Project by Improving Construction Speed and Quality

Recently, Center Enamel completed the wastewater treatment project of well-known dairy enterprises in Hebei on schedule with high quality. The project adopts the Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks independently developed and designed by Center Enamel. The volume of a single tank exceeds 1000m³ and the height exceeds 30 meters, which effectively ensures the discharge of dairy product processing wastewater up to the standard.

dairy wastewater storage tanks

The project was originally scheduled to be completed and delivered in early 2022. During the construction of the project, due to the recent epidemic and weather factors, the client wanted to speed up the construction progress of the project. Center Enamel construction project team actively cooperated with the client to accelerate the completion of the project and delivered it perfectly ahead of schedule at the end of December 2021, which has been fully recognized by customers.

In addition to the field of dairy wastewater, Center Enamel has recently completed many projects in the fields of municipal wastewater, biogas project, leachate, industrial, and aquaculture wastewater, providing global customers with GFS tanks, carbon steel storage tanks, stainless steel tanks, aluminum geodesic dome roofs, etc. Customized design, production, installation, and commissioning of diversified equipment. At present, Center Enamel has completed more than 10,000 diversified equipment and engineering projects, with customers covering 90 countries.