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Center Enamel has newly built multiple projects at home and abroad

As a leader in the Asian GFS tank industry and a high-quality service provider in the environmental protection EPC and anaerobic process segments, Center Enamel has been committed to the innovation and development of the environmental protection industry, constantly exploring innovative solutions for water treatment, and leading the high-quality development of the water treatment field. Years of innovation and development have enabled the company to master a number of leading technologies and rich experience in the field of water treatment, providing more professional and reliable solutions to global customers with international standards, and winning the trust and praise of customers.

Recently, Center Enamel has successively built a number of sewage treatment projects in many places across the country. By understanding the specific needs of customers, Center Enamel adopts the world's leading GFS tanks as project equipment, and with customized design, intelligent production, and standardized installation, it not only solves the problem of traditional concrete pools occupying a large areas, long construction period, and complex design and construction. And other technical pain points, at the same time, make up for the troublesome maintenance and short service life of sewage treatment equipment that is common in the current market, and once again demonstrate the company's strong technical strength and professional capabilities.

In addition to the domestic market, Center Enamel also plays an important role in the international market. The company has been deeply involved in the Indonesian market for many years. Combining its own advanced technology and professional knowledge, it has successively built palm oil sewage treatment projects, fire-fighting water projects, and dry bulk cargo storage projects. It is precisely because of high-standard, high-quality, and high-efficiency products and services that the company has been highly recognized by local government agencies and customers, and won another drinking water project again. The completion of the project, it will further expand the market share of Center Enamel in Indonesia and enhance the influence of the brand in Indonesia and even many countries around the world.

From south to north, from east to west, from home to abroad, Center Enamel projects have now covered 90 countries around the world. Center Enamel will also continue to leverage its core advantages in technology, equipment, and services to provide customers with more advanced and reliable water treatment solutions, and will strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign partners to continuously promote the innovation and application of water treatment technologies.