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Center Enamel Has Been Listed As A "New and Specialized" Model Enterprise

A few days ago, Hebei province "specialized in special new" demonstration enterprises list published. Center Enamel stands out from many "specialized and new" enterprises and wins the title of demonstration enterprise, which fully demonstrates the company's scientific and technological innovation ability, industry influence, enterprise comprehensive strength, and the professional degree to be highly recognized.

New and Specialized Model Enterprise

Focusing on specialization, refinement, specificity and novelty, enhancing core competitiveness and taking the development path of specialization and specialization are of great significance for the high-quality development of enterprises. "Specialized and special new" demonstration enterprise is the leader of "specialized and special new" enterprises, the purpose is to lead the province's small and medium-sized enterprises to focus on the main business, enhance the core competitiveness, take the specialized and special new development road, to achieve high-quality development.

  Center Enamel, as a high-tech enterprise with tank manufacturing as its main business, has been focusing on the water treatment subdivision of the environmental protection industry for a long time, constantly adhering to the innovative guidance, and continuously building innovative and competitive engineering storage tanks. Development so far, the company has won a number of honorary titles and nearly 100 patents certification. This time, we won the title of "Specialized and New" demonstration enterprise, which further strengthens the confidence of Zhongzhong Technology to persist in innovation and excellence and continue to take the road of high quality development. In the future, Zhongzhong Technology will continue to make efforts in the segmenting field of water treatment, provide more customers with advanced engineering storage tank solutions, and contribute to the high-quality development of the environmental protection industry.