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Center Enamel Awarded "Innovative Enterprise" in 2021

At the beginning of the New Year, good news came. With its leading technological innovation ability and comprehensive strength, Center Enamel was awarded as an "innovative enterprise". This is Center Enamel after rated as "high and new technology enterprise", "technology small giant enterprise", "specialized new enterprise", "technology enterprise", won another heavyweight innovation honor.

Innovative Enterprise

"Innovation enterprises" mainly refer to enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and well-known brands, strong international competitiveness, and relying on technological innovation to gain market competitive advantages and sustainable development. Enterprises are required to have a strong innovation ability, pay attention to the research and development and application of new technology, new products, new processes, new methods, new materials, and obtain a number of invention patents and through the relevant system certification.

Winning this honor signifies that Center Enamel has been highly recognized in terms of technological innovation, scientific research strength and innovation achievements, and represents the high standard and hard strength of the company in scientific research innovation. In the follow-up research and innovation work, Center Enamel will continue to further promote the construction of innovative enterprises, give full play to the driving and the leading role of scientific research and innovation in enterprise development, constantly enhance innovation ability, enhance core competitiveness, and promote high-quality development of enterprises.