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Another Breakthrough of Center Enamel in Scientific Research Innovation And Three Patent Certificates Successively

Recently, the good news came again! After obtaining a number of patent certificates last month, Center Enamel co., ltd. won three national utility model patent certificates this month, installation of special lifting equipment for large storage tanks, easy to install integrated storage tank, and the bolted steel tank automatically adjust the reduced pressure back to the water tank. So far, Center Enamel has owned nearly 100 patent certificates, far ahead in the industry. This not only shows the strong strength of Center Enamel in professional technology research and development but also fully reflects the high innovation consciousness and great attention to the intellectual property rights of Center Enamel.

Another Breakthrough For Scientific Research Innovation

The development of an enterprise is inseparable from the continuous improvement of quality and the innovation of the core technology of the product. As a leader in the field of sewage treatment, Center Enamel has been attaching great importance to r&d and innovation for a long time, and constantly improving its independent r&d strength in order to provide customers with better products and technologies. After years of development, Center Enamel now has a number of technologies and patents with independent intellectual property rights, forming a complete industrial chain of process research and development, core equipment manufacturing, engineering design and construction, and is one of the well-known high-tech enterprises in the environmental protection industry. At present, Center Enamel has built nearly ten thousand successful cases in the fields of aquaculture sewage, industrial wastewater, municipal sewage, landfill leachate, biomass biogas engineering, etc., which have been highly recognized by the industry and customers.

This time, three more patent certificates are obtained, which is not only the national recognition of the r&d strength of Center Enamel, but also another high point of Center Enamel in the field of scientific research and innovation. In the future, Center Enamel will continue to adhere to the core concept of "quality, innovation, integrity and win-win", constantly promote technological innovation, and launch products with better performance for the market. We will give full play to our advantages in intellectual property rights and aim to achieve the maximum value of customers. We will provide customers in different fields with customized solutions and high-quality sewage treatment projects to meet the needs of more customers.